HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 Printer M602 series - Print with EconoMode

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Print with EconoMode

This product has an EconoMode option for printing drafts of documents. Using EconoMode can use less

toner and decrease the cost per page. However, using EconoMode can also reduce print quality.

HP does not recommend the full-time use of EconoMode. If EconoMode is used full-time, the toner

supply might outlast the mechanical parts in the print cartridge. If print quality begins to degrade and is

no longer acceptable, consider replacing the print cartridge.


This feature is available with the PCL 6 printer driver for Windows. If you are not using that

driver, you can enable the feature by using the HP Embedded Web Server.


On the File menu in the software program, click Print.


Select the product, and then click the Properties or Preferences button.


Click the Paper/Quality tab.


Click the EconoMode check box.