HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 Printer M602 series - Clear jams from the rear output bin

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Clear jams from the rear output bin


Open the rear output bin.


If most of the paper is still inside the

product, it might be easier to remove it through

the top-cover area.


Grasp both sides of the paper, and slowly pull

the paper out of the product. Loose toner might

be on the sheet. Be careful not to spill it on

yourself or into the product.


If the jammed paper is difficult to

remove, try opening the top cover all the way

to release pressure on the paper. If the sheet

has torn, or if you still cannot remove it, clear

the jam from the fuser area.


Close the rear output bin.


If a jam message persists, a sheet is still

jammed in the product. Look for the jam in

another location.